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My third WOD and concerns about the week…

I forgot I didn’t write about my 3rd WOD! Saturday was a glorious day here in Seattle, WA, and we all got a good dose of springtime sun. Everyone seemed refreshed and more energized. We did our warm-up, ran 400meter with medecine balls, while trading with people we passed to learn names (we had to exchange names as we traded med balls). The coaches then proceeded to split up into2 groups. Group 1 learned the deadlift (and I re-learned the deadlift after my lesson with Rory Coyne- a personal trainer in Seattle, WA) and the renegade row. Group 2 learned the wall ball and pull up (strict, no kipping yet ;( which I was sad about).

Our WOD was AMR (as many reps) in 8 minutes of:

5 Renegade rows (10#)

10 Deadlifts (I lifted 85#)

2 minutes rest

AMR in 8 minutes of:

5 Strict Pull-ups (Red and purple bands)

10 Wall balls (14# ball)

I think I got 5 rounds and change of each. Not too bad, but man, am I feeling it! My lower back has been super sore all day and I know this week is going to be tough. One of my co-workers is on his honeymoon, so I have to sub a couple of shifts for him. Not too excited about being sore and trying to work a 45 hour week. That all aside, I am still stoked about going to Crossfit this week and I am glad to have something that motivates me so much in my life right now.

PS Cyberfit gym fitness… I would love to test out/do a review for your purple med ball. 🙂


Before and After Crossfit Photos

Hey everyone, although I am planning on switching to my own domain, I still want to write as many posts as possible on this blog in the meantime. One of the first things I searched for on google when I became interested in crossfit was before and after photos. I wanted to see the results that crossfit gave people. If you have any great before and after photos, please send them to me! You can email them to

Maybe someday, this will be your after photo! 😉